Catch Eggs and Defend Your Chickens in Chicken Pou for iOS

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On February 22, 2015 , 12:44 pm

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Chicken Pou is a humorous and simple game for iPhone and iPad. Players must help an adorable grandmother collect eggs while fending off predators and avoiding bad eggs. Bloodpatch mode (not for kids) turns grandma into a heavy metal, sword-wielding weapon of destruction.

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Complex and in-depth games can be a great way to escape the real world for a little bit, but sometimes youre looking for a simple game thats straightforward and fun to play. Chicken Pou is a hectic and fast-paced game for iPhone and iPad that is not only fun to play, but is also unique.

The goal of Chicken Pou is to help Grandma Frieda gather eggs for the evenings meal. This sounds easy enough, but in order to do this, she must catch the falling eggs in her frying pan.

To move Grandma Frieda around the screen, players must tap the left and right arrow buttons. I really like the fact that controls are simple and easy to understand. This is definitely a game you can pick up and play instantly, but it takes awhile to perfect your egg catching tactics.

As if catching falling eggs wasnt hard enough, Chicken Pou includes pesky foxes and martens that Grandma Frieda must fend off using a stick. If shes unsuccessful, the sneaky critter will capture one of her chickens.

Also, chickens occasionally drop a pou, which is a bad egg that will remove seven eggs from Grandma Friedas pan. A pou is a significantly smaller egg, so theyre fairly easy to distinguish from regular eggs.

The game ends when there are no chickens left or Grandma Frieda runs out of eggs in her pan. For every 20-40 eggs caught, one chicken is added to the roost.

Chicken Pou is very fun to play, but what if you want something that switches things up a bit? The game includes a Bloodpatch theme, which changes Grandma Frieda into a punk rock grannie who is armed with a sword instead of a stick.

As you can imagine, things get gruesome when she defends her chickens from foxes and martens. Bloodpatch mode can be toggled on and off from the main menu, and its initially locked with a passcode so children (hopefully) cant unlock it.

Personally I got a kick out of Bloodpatch mode, as theres something darkly humorous about a punk rock grandma catching eggs and fending off animals with a sword. Naturally this mode isnt for young children, but Im sure adults will get a good laugh out of it.

Overall, Chicken Pou is a hysterically fun and unique game thats very basic. Theres no fluff, upgrades, or in-app purchases to worry about. Plus, its universally compatible with iPhone and iPad. If youre looking for an entertaining and optionally gruesome new game to try, Chicken Pou is certainly worth a look.

Chicken Pou requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

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