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Med Oclock is a very helpful medical app for iPhone that not only offers comprehensive medication tracking and reminders, but also includes useful features such as important contacts and appointment schedules. It might be difficult for older users to set the app up themselves, but we believe an interactive tutorial would remedy the problem.

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Med Oclock Pill Organizer and Reminder, developed by M2C2 COMMUNICATIONS INC, is a very useful medical app for iPhone that not only helps keep track of when to take medication, but also includes plenty of extra helpful features.

Remembering to take your medication can be a chore, especially if you need to take it at certain times of the day. Med OClock aims to solve this problem by allowing users to create comprehensive medication reminders, as well as keep track of medical notes and important contacts.

In order to take advantage of everything that Med OClock offers, you need to set up a user profile. This includes information such as first and last name, birth date, height and weight, and any allergies. Once the profile is set up you can tap on the plus button next to the profile name to add medications.

One of the really neat things about Med OClock is that it comes with a pre-populated list of medications that you can easily add to the schedule. One thing I do want to mention is that youll have to customize details such as the time of day that the medication needs to be taken, dosage, and other important details.

Med OClock also allows users to set up an appointment schedule in order to easily keep track of appointments. Users can also keep track of important contacts, as well as designate emergency contacts.

As you can probably imagine, an app that comes with so many great features might get a little complicated to use. One suggestion I have for the app is to include a very detailed guided tour for new users that would walk them through every aspect of getting the app set up. This tutorial should be interactive and more than just words or pictures.

When it comes to price, Med OClock is very reasonable. I do want to mention that even though the app is free to download, youll need to pay $2.99 via in-app purchase in order to unlock most of the features of the app. The free version is limited to one user profile and a maximum of two medications, among other limitations.

Overall, Med OClock is a very useful iPhone app that delivers on what it promises. Its definitely more than a simple reminder app, and I really like the fact that it can be used personally and even professionally thanks to multi-profile support

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Med Oclock Pill Organizer and Reminder requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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