(sports) Badminton Board 3D

The epoch-making tactics board for badminton._x000D_ By using a three-dimensional CG, I was able to express the three-dimensional board tactics. For height and depth that can not be essential in considering the tactics badminton, you can express more concretely. In the three-dimensional screen you will be able to zoom in / out and change the viewing angle._x000D_ _x000D_ Features_x000D_ _x000D_ -Paint_x000D_ -Link 2D to 3D_x000D_ -Zoom in / out and pan on 3D view_x000D_ -Shuttle’s eye tilt and pan_x000D_ -Represent a shuttle path with parabola_x000D_ -3 Court colors


App Name: Badminton Board 3D
App Category: sports

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