Star Squad Space Rescue Review

Developer: Geek Brain Games
Price: FREE
Version Reviewed: 1.00
App Reviewed on: iPhone 5


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When you think of bullet-hell games, you think of waves of bullets coming at you – and also the waves that you can inflict upon others. Star Squad Space Rescue isn’t like other bullet-hell games, though. Those waves might keep coming at you, but you don’t have anything to fire back in defense. Instead, Star Squad Space Rescue is all about ducking and weaving your way around such attacks, and hoping you can survive longer than last time.

That means that Star Squad Space Rescue is an often tense game to play. It is, however, very simple to learn. You use your finger to move the ship around, enjoying the fact that it offers a mercifully small hitbox. That means you can quickly move through very small gaps, and you’re going to need to, a lot.

Lift your finger from the screen and the action pauses for a moment, giving you a break to plan ahead during. It’s a well earned moment too, and can make all the difference. More importantly, it’s the kind of feature that ensures that Star Squad Space Rescue is never unfairly difficult, although it does get frantic after a time.

Star Squad Space Rescue adds to this format with the addition of stranded astronauts. These appear at regular points in the game and are vital in offering you energy to keep going. They also have the bonus of clearing a small area around you, giving you some protection from attack. The key to succeeding here is to collect them often, but while in a good position to take advantage of what they clear.

It’s a simple concept but a fairly enjoyable one. Chasing your high score is satisfying, with collectible coins giving you a way in which to unlock boxes that give you the chance of acquiring a new ship. A free box comes along each day too, or you can opt to buy a coin multiplier to progress faster. Star Squad Space Rescue will occasionally frustrate but you’re likely to come back for more.

Duck and weave through waves of attack in this twist on the bullet-hell shooter.

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