(travel) My Travel World

With “My Travel World” you can get all the countries that you have visited, highlight in the application. This gives you an overview and statistics how many countries in the world have you visited. The application shows in the statistics the percentage of countries or pro percentage of the earth’s surface you have already visited. You will also receive additional information about the countries. It provides a direct connection to Googlemaps®, Wikipedia® and Wikimeda®. You can share the current status of the visited countries, islands and POIs with your friends through mail, message (iMessage), Twitter and Facebook (This feature is only available for os release 10.7 or greater)_x000D_ _x000D_ Features: _x000D_ _x000D_ • Mark country as visited _x000D_ • Add first and last visit year to each country_x000D_ • Show status of visited countries (count and area), cities, islands and POIs_x000D_ • Share your visit status with your friend via mail, message (iMessage), Twitter® or Facebook®_x000D_ • For each city, island or POI you can set an individual link to any webpage_x000D_ • Add unlimited cities, islands and POIs (Point of interest) to each state_x000D_ • Relations from countries, cities, islands and POIs to Googlemaps®, Wikipedia® and Wikimeda® are automatically created_x000D_ • For each country the following information are available_x000D_ • Country name _x000D_ • Country name long version _x000D_ • Capital city _x000D_ • Population _x000D_ • Area _x000D_ • Population per ml² _x000D_ • Country Code ISO2 and ISO3 _x000D_ • Country ISO number _x000D_ • TLD (Top Level Domain) _x000D_ • Country name in Englisch _x000D_ • Country native language _x000D_ • Visit status _x000D_ • First visit_x000D_ • Last visit _x000D_ • Country flagg _x000D_ _x000D_ • FullScreen Support


App Name: My Travel World
App Category: travel

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